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About the site

The Element of Clement started out as just a personal life blog of mine. Jotting down personal thoughts as well as interesting happenings around me and my peers. Ever since 5th August 2008, The Soundwave Galleria, an old photoblog of mine, was merged into The Element of Clement.

The idea was to simply create an all in one site instead of having two separate ones.

Well subsequently, received many feedback from my peers. Many of which actually prefer a separate page, 1 for my personal thoughts and another for my collection. So thus, The Element's Journal was realised, a branch that contains all things non-collection.

About the Author

The author/photographer is a graduate of Singapore Polytechnic with a Diploma in Interior Design. He is currently serving National Service in Maju Camp 6SIR as a Military Policeman. Come September 2009, he would complete his term.

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