Welcome to the Element of Clement

ok i wonder if u noticed but all along i havent gave up on you. frens keep telling me to move on and forget about you. but i just didnt bothered about it. still i really hoped that me and u could be together again. but now you love a him more then when u loved me. i simply cant be compared to him. it was sad. what can i do? i think i shld just really walk out of ur life. maybe its a way to totally forget you. the actual reason i didnt contact you was seriously cos i needed to forget you. everytime i really missed you i would blog abt u if not just do silly things. but where has those nonsense brought me? no where. im really tired and i think since your mind i set. i dun think there is anything i can do. u said there was no hope betwene u and him. i still wish u all the best. im just a has-been or even a never-was. tell me if i shld really just walk out of ur life. i dun wish for u to be upset or anything. just tell me how u feel and i think that will all be fine. im really tired after not slpin well for 3 daes. bad day todae. oh yeah. i hate it when u 'joke' abt me. like oh flirting today ah? that totally sucks to me alrite.

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