Welcome to the Element of Clement

My blog had some problems, the background just wouldnt appear. I think its most probably due to a dead link. Anyway its time i changed my blogskin so yeah just did a quick surf and decided to use this skin. Quite cool when u can change the skin at a click of a button. Not sure what to put so just anyhow wack a few pics in. Guess in future this little function would come really handy. =)

Attended my sch's Annual Dinner & Dance last night. Was really quite a nice event. Jiaqi accompanied me to the event. Charis was there too. When jiaqi and me reached Swissotel, it was already 8+ so we were late. =D 1 very silly thing was when I was chatting with my other frens at the other table, charis went to ask jiaqi "u r not together with clement rite?" I mean obviously! I am single! haha, silly charis!

And yeah, I can only pray for the FOC comm this yr. God bless you guys. Either that or the seniors are just over kanchiong-ed. Maybe..

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