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Week 1 of ITP: DONE!
Weeks left to end of ITP: 5!
had quite a great week at my attached company. it was a small company and the people were very nice and friendly. well, its just tiring to do cad all day!

anyway after work todae i met jiaqi and jac to chill out. why so little ppl? COS MY CLASS ALLLLLL PANGSEH! sigh! wadeva!(acts gay) lol.. anyway! suppose to meet at 7.. i was late.. jiaqi was late but not as late as me.. jac was MIA cos her hp low batt.. so i met up with jiaqi first then we went lookin for the lost sheep but to no avail.. maybe she went home already.. but then! at 8pm she called me and say she just reach.. LOL!! alamak tt stupid crab..

so went to grab a bit and then bought drinks and chilled at mr merlion. quite ok la its just tt he just keeps puking behind us.. (shivers)

our drinks! =D

our group photo before we left the place

me and crab! the late women!
this is jiaqi (oh ya! its them wanting to take the pics ok! not me hor....)
ok la this i admit i ask them help me take 1.. but i think they took too long cos i think i was complaining at the time they snapped this pic..
ok another pics cos of the 'gooood lighting'
hi jiaqi! lol
papa mama baby? family pic? haha!

romantic kissing scene... woo...

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