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well here i am bloggin away at 10 bt batok crescent. the spire. #05-04. SQFT architects. i am just so bored the entire day. bored bored bored with the capital b. BORED! ok so yeah i've been staying out really late for the past 2 weeks so no computer time at home. if u guys even notice, i havent been online in the evenings for a long long time. prep camp next week. fo camp next week. ah well. we shall see. lol

3 more weeks left till the end of itp.. yeah ok i rounded off but still lets just think it tt way ok.. hows everyone's itp.. all the blogs ive read, all the ppl ive spoken too.. guess onli china ppl are enjoying itp.. nobody else in singapore is enjoying.. lucky guys over at china.. but u paid to be happy.. *evil grins*

my desk is getting so messy. shall upload a pic of it tonite. life is quite hectic and i hate ite dover for its fugly design. damn that architect. hahahaha. anyway its good la.. during these 3 weeks i can say i designed 3 actual spaces. not bad for an attachment student ok.. =) well 430 now.. 1 more hr and im off! tmr is fridae and then the weekends arrive! woohoo!! damn i am so easily contented these daes.. work is so boring.. who hates work! i seriously cant wait for sch to start.. sch is so much easier and i guess im gonna work real hard for yr3.. its like i got motivation to work already..


nice ppl still eat shit

its the trend for years to come..


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