Welcome to the Element of Clement

hmm im gettin sick of my blog skin! shld i change? maybe over the weekends.. well.. schs fine.. its just that the new project is a tiny weeny bit confusing.. UTOpier? how lame can the project title be.. utopier = utopia + pier.. we r gonna redesign clifford pier.. so yeah tts abt it..

something i noticed today.. will the traffic light turn green faster if u press the button more then once? or every as fast as you can? and also does it apply to elevators? wierd humans.. =/

ah well.. there was somethin i wanted to blog abt strange human nature also.. but then i 4got.. guess im gettin old.. will try to recall when i slp! i actually like my timetable.. its like 2 daes work, rest, 2 daes work, rest, repeat as needed.. so nice hor.. =D im proud of it.. hahahaha

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