Welcome to the Element of Clement

Ok.. so i shall make a quick update just before i set off to MOS this evening..
Finally ITP is over!! Well looking fwd to this day ever since 6weeks ago but now i feel a little reluctant to leave that place.. wierd human nature.. met gd colleagues and a great boss.. learnt many many stuff and i believe all this can be put to good use.. =)

anyway.. it was a fun day at sentosa yst! no other comments.. lol..
so what is clement to u guys? happy? cheerful? nonsense? oh well.. life isnt gd these days.. everyone's having sure a warm home.. lookin fwd to go home everyday.. but me? life at home's hell.. they say u trust ur family members most.. but well.. nt all frens can be trusted.. nt all strangers can be trusted.. even nt all gadgets/technology can be trusted.. and especially for clement.. not family members can be trusted.. i am just seemingly losing my trust in my parents as well as my sister.. i mean.. wth? i cant even trust my own family.. what in the world is happening? am i such a nonsense guy.. maybe i am.. but just that sometimes i dun get things happening around me.. so many questions so little answers.. i'm really tired.. but im not trying to whine here.. just sharing some of my problems deep down.. my home is not a home.. it is nothing but a place for me to sleep and nothing else.. oh ok la.. maybe also a place to house my wives.. then nothing more.. well.. hope i can enjoy myself later at MOS.. =D

take care guys

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