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YAY! first time bloggin on my new baby.. Acer Aspire 5672 =)

Such a sweetie with such good specs.. im loving it! 2gb ram, duo core 1.66ghz, 512 graphics, 100gb hdd, 15.4" crystal lcd.. lol.. so hot!

anyway.. good things aside.. fren ah! cheer up ok.. we all had bad days and such shit happens.. we just have to get over it.. it aint easy but still life has to go on.. dun brood over it.. let go and life would be much better.. stuck at the same spot and u will suffer hell.. u r a strong girl and i believe u can do it.. trust urself.. memories are there and scars will nv heal.. NOTHING will be the same as before.. trust me.. it is very true.. so just keep the nice memories and just move on.. u will be so much better off.. cheer up!

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