Welcome to the Element of Clement

sorry guys i havent been updating these days.. kinda occupied and ultimately lazy.. =/
anyway sch is quite slack but submission is this coming mondae.. well i can make it! i am a miracle worker!! wahahaha..

just caught 52 episodes of beast wars over the past 2 days.. slpin late just to watch the show.. wad a crazy person here.. im so into the figs now.. i appreciate them much more.. wasted i sold off my dinobot, rhinox, inferno and terrorsaur a year back! argh! how i wish i could revert time.. my precious... (LOTR Prodigy)

anyway.. wads a dossier? -.-

*whiner rant mode on*
another sch day in a few hours.. rawr.. i detest sch.. so slack.. and i mean.. so unfun.. LOL =(
*whiner rant mode off*

this skin seems so boring but i am so lazy to change it.. will change it after submission!!

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