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X-3 Spoilers Ahead. Read if you want.

X3 was disappointing! i fuckin couldnt stand the film.

Prof X died. wtf
Cyclops died. wtf
Psylocke died. wtf
Spyke is an asian. wtf
Spyke is a durian. wtf
Spyke is a Brotherhood Mutant. wtf
Psylocke is a Brotherhood Mutant. wtf
Multiple man is a Brotherhood Mutant. wtf
Nightcrawler no appearance. wtf
Pheonix is an alter-ego of jean grey. wtf
Jean Grey killed Cyclops. wtf
Juggernaut is so skinny. wtf
Juggernaut has a dumb thing for a helmet. wtf
Callisto can run fast? wtf
Angel is an extra? wtf
Iceman/Pyro showdown weak like hell. wtf
Colussus can turn others into steel? wtf
Bobby and Kitty? wtf
Colussus and Kitty? wtf
Leech is cute little boy. eh ok.
Omega Red and Jubilee made an appearance. eh ok.

ok la. anyway some good points.
Psylocke is HOT! yay
Rolling Barrage attack! yay
Mystique has a good body. yay
Psylocke is HOT! yay
Good effects. yay
Considerably good ending. yay
Psylocke is HOT! yay

Psylocke is HOT!!!

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