Welcome to the Element of Clement

first, name 20 people you think of now before answering the questions below tag 5 person to do this,if he/she done it,there's no need to redo it again.

1: leslie
2: teckpeng
3: dezhan
4: weesoon
5: peiqi
6: amanda
7: yixian
8: kamini
9: patsy
11: namngee
12: peishan
13: louisa
14: jazelle
15: rhoda
16: joan
17: serlyn
18: jiaqi
19: suwei
20: carp

When did you meet 14? eh i cannot really recall.. =D i met her when i know her

What will you do if you never meet 1 before ? better off wthout that bugger! lol jk.

What will you do if 20 and 9 dated? they are worlds apart! moreover 9 is attached

Did you ever like 19? of cos! (wow..)

Would 6 and 17 make a good couple? both are straight

Describe 3. oh cbk.. chee bye kia.. =) lol! brother brother

Do you think 8 is attractive? YEAH!!!! =)

Tell me something about 7. she's quite a deep person.. at least to me!

Do you know any of the 12's family member? nope.

What's 8 favourite thing? LOL! a l c o h o l . period.

What would you do if 11 confess that he/she likes you? i would be over the moon

What language does 15 always speak? english and a very cute chinese accent.

Who is 9 going out with? eugene.

How old is 16 now?19.

When is the last time you talk to 13? 5secs ago

Who's 2 favourtie singer/band? yang cheng lin comes to mind.. ai mei

Would you date 4? anytime

Would you date 7? if she don't mind that is. haha

Is 15 single? yeap

What's 10 last name? kua

Would you ever be in a relationship with 11? RAWR!

What school does 3 goes to? SP la

Where does 6 live? CLEMENTi =D

What's your favourite thing about 5? she's my honey!

Have you seen 1 naked? omfg! maybe 95% naked yeah.

5 people to do this lame thing leslie, teckpeng, peiqi, amanda, jazelle (MUST GUAI GUAI DO OK)

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