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i am so pissed at many things today. its just a monday and i feel that i need to let of some steam. though peiqi cheered me up abit but still i was rather pissed.
i was pissed by my mother keep asking me to check how my sis is, how her new tuition is, bla bla bla. i mean wtf, she is old and can take care of herself already la.
i am pissed by the weather, not hot not cold.
i am pissed by millions of idiots on forums, ignorant and brainless. sometimes googling stuff helps rather then asking dumb questions publically.
i am pissed by my sis for complaining so much. ask her wad she wants for dinner and she ask me what i wan. when i tell her i will go order food, instead she asks me wad i wan for dinner again. then complain i need to make her ask so many times. quite smart eh.
i am pissed becos i have to go collect stuff so late in the evening.
i am pissed becos of last min stuff.

i dun understand anything at all.
i seriously need to let off steam sometimes, keeping everything in my heart is no good.

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