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Created a photoblog. All my pictures would be posted there. Updates and links of galleries too.

ok. now the rants.
fucking hell. taxi fare increases? woo..

starting 10 july(7 days time)
basic flagdown (Comfort, CityCab and Yellow-Top taxis) - increased by 10cents, to $2.50
Mercedes flagdown - increased by 20 cents, to $2.80

peak hr surcharge - increased by $1, to $2
morning peak hrs changed to 7am - 930am (was 730am - 930am)

"Trips less than 10 kilometres will be charged at 10 cents for every 210 metres travelled compared to 225 metres currently.

For trips above 10 kilometres, the charge will be 10 cents per 175 metres compared to 200 metres now. "

Now now, taxi fares increases by so much. What's next? MRT and Buses? GOSH! Singapore is growing to be "VALUABLE" by the month.

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