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SMRT Corporation is planning to raise fares for its bus, MRT and LRT services.

It will apply for a fare adjustment by the August 1 deadline set by the Public Transport Council.

The SMRT Corporation says its total operating costs have ballooned by 20% this year because of the increase in diesel prices.

The fare hike will follow the PTC's formula of a maximum increase of 1.7%, which translates to a rise of one or two cents, if approved.

SMRT President and CEO Saw Phaik Hwa says that its proposed fare hike will not be sufficient to mitigate rising diesel costs.

It however supports the government's call for smaller and regular fare increases. - CNA/ir

Now now, I don't recall the diesel prices going up by 20%? So why did the report claim that SMRT's operating cost has increased by 20%? All this increase in prices make the election seemed like millions of years ago. After elections, all the stunts and patterns, one after another start to surface. Really smart and tactical move eh. The smaller and regular fare increases reminds me of the theory about cooking a frog. If you put a frog into boiling water, it will immediately jump out. However, if you put it into normal temperature water and slowly turn up the heat, the frog will not realise it until it has been cooked. Anyway, if I'm not wrong, this increase in SMRT prices will affect SBS Transits' NEL? If so, well it sucks to announce this at such a time too yea? This afternoon NEL halted service. 4 stations closed. Ring anything anyone? ROCK ON XINJIAPO!

Oh and this evening, someone left a red white cloth at my doorway. Got a few stars and a crescent. Any idea what am I supposed to do with it?


Proud to be a XINJIAPOREAN.


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