Welcome to the Element of Clement

Sometimes long bus rides are just times that one can really reflect on oneselves, going deep into their hearts to find out actually what one really feels after all the nonsense in life has to give. The amount of schwork really tears me apart. I feel like I can't even have my own life. EVEN when I am slacking, plans designs and such stuff still swivel in my head. When will I be finally free from all these punishments. SIGH.

Today or perhaps yst as it is like early in the morning already, I took 852 from my hse and changed to 74 at Bt Timah. Sat all the way to Hougang interchange as I was heading over to Chengyi's place to stay overnite and chill out. This journey is quite a fruitful experience I suppose. I fell aslp as usual on any long bus journey. Dreamt about some stuff. Not exactly going to share but then its not impt stuff so dun probe la. haha. All I want to say is that some things never change. Well, I really hope to get more rest. Freaking tired. Both mentally and physically. Nothing much I can do anyway but just survive till I grad from this course. MANY of us are really worn out already.

Time is like 425 in the morning now. Dz and Chengyi are both snoring LOUDLY beside me now. Leslie is busy mudding and here I am blogging. Luckily I brought my laptop along if not I would have been really bored. Nobody's online and I'm stoning.

I hope and I hope. WAHAHA!

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