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Its a wonder how words can hurt and kill people. In the past, the present and definately in the future. Words are used when we communicate but it is also a source to translate our inner hate, disagreements into a languange for people to understand. A word can be potrayed as a million meanings. The way you understood one particular word might not be what the person you last met interpretated the same word. It can happen to everything we say.

Interaction between two parties mostly occur by word of mouth. This is also a tool being often used to cause friction between the two parties. It might be intentionally or it might have been a misunderstanding. We could bother to clear things up OR normally we just ignore and say "Hey, life could be better tomorrow."

Communication if used skillfully would help both yourself as well as other. However, a mishandle would just kill one party. Perhaps hurt their inner feelings, or even offend their personal pride.

Understanding and patience are two key factors in improving any friction. Perhaps even right from the start if these were practised well, no friction would even occur. Sad to say, I'm always so impatient. I regret being the way that I am but such things don't change overnight do they. Very often due to this nonsensical behavior, I caused unhappiness to both my parents. I don't mean it but it happened and there is nothing much I can do. Pride makes me a dick and it refuses to let me swallow my dignity to present my apology. I guess, that's what they claim to me a men's pride.

You know I love you guys so much.

I'm so sorry.

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