Welcome to the Element of Clement

I've decided not to do my 100scale model. Will only touch on it if I have extra time left for the week. Extra time meaning like 12 hrs or so. Anything lesser I guess I rather celebrate the closure of T2.

Schedule for the week:
Tue: Finish up T2B CADs and Funiture details by tonight
Wed: Do perspectives, TOD and presentation boards
Thurs: Do perspectives, material board and presentation boards with photomontage stuff. Print panel possibly by Thur nite.
Fri: Print panel if did not print on Thur nite. Do T2a model.
Sat: Do T2b model
Sunday: Do T2a 100scale if possible and tying up loose ends. RELAX.

Let's hope everything turns out fine and I'll be safe. So rushed. Sigh.

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