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Tmr is submission day!! WOOHOO!!! As you guys can see, I'm just left with furnitures and my 200scale model. Just gonna finish them up tonight. Oh and today while I was on my way from peace centre, there was this perverse sicko on the bus. When I boarded the bus I didnt even take notice of him as he looked like any other middle aged moron. But then there was this girl sitting at the row beside me, this moron kept turning (he was sittin in front of me thats why I noticed) and looking at the girl. Look at face nt enuf still scan down to chest area. Whats worst, he did that every 20 sec of the journey(acting blur and all this nonsense but still its so obvious). NO KIDDING. FUCKING IRRITATING. nnb fuckin despo.

OK. then a few stops after that, another girl sat beside me. Considerably prettier then the first girl I mentioned. Well, GUESS WHAT? Now he is scanning both girls every 20secs. OMFGWTFBBQ. I was so fustrated that I kept staring at him. He couldnt give a damn. Like a moronic loser. Finally he alighted at Holland V. Wow, I tot to myself when he was alighting sure stare back at those girls. AND YES! HE DID! Stare until 4got to tap EZLINK. Fuckin retarded. OK if that was not enough, when he was walking along the pavement, HE STARED in to catch some more glimpse of the girls. WAH LAN EH.


What a loser.

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