Welcome to the Element of Clement

Yet another time for me to blog. Holidays are ending in almost 2 weeks time and there are still a few ends to tie up before the new sem starts. Still feeling as lathargic as ever. Will be out this coming weekend and next week would be a week of work. Hopefully. Did a little modelling work today(yes MODELing). Heres the results:

Kinda sweet eh. Ends are still a little rough though. Something is wrong with me today. I can't paint straight.

Anyway, the past week was really tiring and I guess the streak is going to carry on. And yes! My gallery is not updated at all. Been almost a month of neglect already. ARGH! I hate school (random rant). I'm at a lost of words, mind suddenly went blank. So yeah. I'm gonna sign off now.

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