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sigh! been quite a week. attendence slacked. parents made noise. lecturers nagging. and now i just feel that my life is in a mess. ok i guess this is not the first time i'm saying this anyway. my life's alwaes so messy eh. what luck.

anyway was at wz's blog awhile ago. well wz. anythin u can alwaes dial my no. i'm alwaes there so dun u worry a thing darling! luv ya all the way. i mean thats what brothers are for alrite. ignore dz's theory of a brother. that is rubbish. everyone is just goin thru some tough times now. at least i noe more of more then 5 people at least.

sometimes lookin at people's life, so happy and so carefree, posting so many smiley pics all over their frensters and blogs, makes me wonder why my life hasnt been improving after so many years. am i sure a lousy person. what is that fella abv trying to prove. life can be so complicated at times. humans are even more complicated creatures.

feeling so lifeless these days. puttin up a front of happiness is easy. at least for me. no, im nt trying to gain any sympathy frm anyone. just jottin down my thoughts. dun need any pity from anyone. be my fren. but if u ever thought of being a moron. pls i welcome you even so.

just feel so down these days. controlling myself but im nt gonna break my promise. nt again.

everyone hopes to go to heaven. yet everyone is afraid of death.

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