Welcome to the Element of Clement

I think I'm gettin really weak as I grow older. Falling sick once every month seemed to be the norm. Had a really terrible headache last night. Felt like puking every 5mins. Couldn't stand the aircon and yet without my jacket makes things much worst. Cabbed home with wz in the evening. The journey was jerky and made me felt worst inside. Reached home and went straight to bed. Told my mother off because she keep asking me so many questions when I just wanted to rest. Bad son eh.

Anyway, times almost up. SO many things to do. Gonna finish everything as soon as possible. Damn just 1 last lap. I haven't been myself lately. I guess when everything's over, Clement shall return. Maybe. LOL. Oh well, just see what time has in stored for me.

I miss those times.

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