Welcome to the Element of Clement

you noe the past weekend was supposed to be a weekend of work.
what did i get.
a weekend of shit.

if the shit was easy to swallow.
i can digest.
now the shit is too big to be swallowed.
if it was big, so be it.
i could use a knife to chop it or just use my bare hands to tear it apart to smaller pieces.
but now.
the shit is so hard, nth i do can help.
no this shit is not refering to any person.
it refers to the problem.
nothing is helping to solve this.

i try to be there for u
i try to help u as much as i can
i try to understand u
i try to give u time to rest
i try and i try

nothing works.

im feelin extremely lost now.
dunno what to carry on with.
fucked it.

fucked up messed up life of mine.

i noe many people care for me.

but really all those words.
just helped me a lil.

when i say im ok just take it.
especially to my sis and my mother.
pls cheryl if u see this tell that to ur mother ok.
when i wan to be left alone at home PLEASE let me be alone.
stop probing into stuff which i wun say.
i will tell u guys when i haf to.
and if i were to smoke.
pls i noe my limits.
stop making a big fuss out of it.
cos im in a much bigger fuss.

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