Welcome to the Element of Clement

Was out with jac today. Didn't exactly do much other then just strolling about spending time with each other. Maybe 50% of the time I was bringing her from toy spots to toy spots explaining and telling her what I wan to get. She asked me something like "when will you have nothing to buy." I though for awhile and replied, "when there is nothing to buy, I will buy something else." Oh well. Toy addiction? or perhaps toy obsession.

Well I just couldn't bear to leave her just now. It kinda seems like she is going ns and I(the gf outside of ns) can only meet her during weekends. LOL. Kinda weird though, BUT I got something pleasant from her today! =)

Then again, my sis kept asking me to cut my hair. Keep saying its darn long and ugly. Ask me go cut short and spike and stuff. I'm gonna keep my beloved hair la. I'm going to serve the nation soon. And yeah thats about it.

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