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Well well, many things happened in the past week but ultimately the highlight of the week was actually receiving a letter from the RSAF.

Did shitloads of stuff this week that I'm really worn out. Had graduation. Well overall was alright. Entire process was kinda boring. I can't take long speeches by big shots. Just a little get together with classmates and went out a little while. Oh well, nt as if we need that little get together, we meet up rather often yeah. lol.

Good Charlotte'ed my way through Wed and Thur. Good Morning Revival. Introduced by Sam to this album. Rockin' OH.

Then my cheap 2nd hand X-Men 1 VCD came in the mail. Of cos I watched it again. And again. And again. Darn movies. Don't really understand why I enjoy comic movies, especially ones by Marvel. I'm out to collect the movies now, but of course VCDs yeah. Economical. Speaking about Marvel, I recently just read New Avengers up to the Civil War arc. Sentry sure is weird. Well the line up is cool, but Ronin is still not toy-lified. So we shall wait and see.

Caught Pirates of the Carribean 3 today with Jac. She kinda enjoyed it but I just tot it was average. Maybe it was just me, but I'm not pirate enough to catch the storyline. Read up on wiki to understand the plot better and now I feel the movie much better. Again, it could just be me. Psst, I slept thru Pirates 2. So yeah.

Lastly, that RSAF letter. Let me extract a portion out:

You have been identified as a potential candidate to be a RSAF military officer, being a Pilot based on your medical fitness and educational standing. To confirm your aptitude for training, you are invited to take the 5-hour Computerised Pilot Selection Test (COMPASS).

So yeah, nth confirm but seriously hope to get selected. Was informed by my mother's colleague that if I got selected, I skip Tekong. BUT, I fly straight to Auzzie. Oh well. Beats eating mud 24/7. OOOOOps. Oh ya and the acronym, COMPASS? WTF? I can't find a damn A in that whole thingy. Damn act-cool-yet-looks-like-some-moron theory.

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