Welcome to the Element of Clement

Ok let's see, I'm having this awful ulcer at the back of my mouth. Been having porridge and milk for the past few days. It finally became better today unknowingly when I chewed on some beehoon only to find out, THE PAIN IS NOT SO PAINFUL AFTER ALL. Aww.. feel happy for me quick!

Next week is gonna be a week of busyness. Fri most prob gonna go makan with the guys(and some gals) for some ARMY CELEBRATION. Haha. Ok let's see if I can rmb correctly.

Dennis 12th June
Commando 15th June
ZhenXian 16th June

WS 14th Sept
Me 15th Sept
DZ 19th Sept

Boy Schling
Carp Schling
WZ Busy sianing char borh
Leslie in RSAF eating some shitness
Jack in JB trying his hands on dirty business

Ah well. All the abv are just my own predictions and may or may not be accurate.
Let's pray to tue that I wouldn't be kicked out soon. LOL.

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