Welcome to the Element of Clement

SCREWED. I guess thats the word to describe what happened at the RSAF Pilot selection test. Seriously, I didn't know that my hand-eye-leg coordination was so bad. I mean I do play games that include these 3 functions and I do fare quite well ya know. Oh yeah and either the joystick was faulty or I just suck at navigating the screen with the joystick. Triple-tasking was quite ok cept that I was so tired at the time that I didn't really pay attention to the questions, resulting in some misses. Ah well. There goes my pilot dream.

If I don't receive a letter in a month's time means good news. Yeah. If I receive a letter, it means that I failed. No retaking in 2.5yrs time. Shucks. It was just so darn demoralising but oh well. Just gotta take it in my stride.

Loads of stuff on my mind but I guess a nights' sleep would help. ARGH.

Anyway this all happened in a split second. All same reaction to the noob. Darn funny.

Whatever. Noob. Anything lor. LOL.

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