Welcome to the Element of Clement

I really miss you.
No matter how I phrase it, I just seemed so selfish.
Maybe I really am.
Let's just put it this way.
I'm so mentally exhausted. My work load might sound simple to all.
Then again, I seriously can't stand how low class most Singaporeans are.
At least PRONOUNCE properly. Ask you to spell cos I can't hear you clearly. NB. All darn sarcastic. Phone operators then no need give respect is it. Stuff like "Can I have the KITTY number?" LIKE WTF. Ask him "Sir can you assist me in the spelling" Fucker just replied "KITTY KITTY U DUNNO? WATCH SHOW ONE!" In the end that fucker wanted CATHAY cineplex number.
Shitness like this happens.
Another one was speaking SO FAST. I couldn't catch it. Ask politely for her to speak slower, she went like "I... WANT... S... G... H... NUM... BER.." Like CB. Bitch.
Anyway, I LOST an auction I really wanted. Bidded on another similar auction but it was more expensive by $5. Just hope no fuckers come to outbid me.
And everyday when I reach home, I seriously long to speak to you on the phone. I know when I end work in the middle of the night I don't expect you to chat with me. But let me just put it this way, I really hate how you go to your second line and never come back. Told you many times before. Yes I might sound like some bastard, but this bastard tends to hang on to the line for 15mins just to wait for you, and you never came back always. Why can't you just tell your frens you were chatting to me. I'm always so shag from work and I just want to tell you things and chat with you.
Like right now you are out and when I called you, you couldn't tell that I was hoping to talk to you. Seriously, I had a bad day and I though I could talk to you. Who knows.
Yes yes, I'm asking for attention. HA!
Bitch and gossip about me. See if I bother.

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