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My First Sever Months of 2007

Have you had your birthday yet?

Are you with the same person as you
were at the beginning of 2007?
definately no!

Are you still in the same job?

Is your favourite colour the same

Have you got the same style/colour

Have you bought a new car this year?
i can only wish

How many girlfriends/boyfriends have
you had this year?
the one i love the most! one! =]

Have you been involved with the police
this year?
nah.. im a goooood boy =) hor?

All time drinking place for 2007?
next to my gf! hahaha

Is your best friend still your best
yeaps yeaps

Got any tattoos or piercings this year?

Had a hair cut?

Been in hospital this year?
fit as a bull! mooooo!

Lost someone you cared about this year?

Been on a holiday this year?
hahaha! being at home is a holiday after 3 years of shitness

Been in love this year?
havent been in love?? I AM IN LOVE. *looks around*

Been kicked out of a pub this year?
lol! i wanna try that

Been put on tap this year?
tap tap!?

Completed any studies this year?
diploma in interior design

Read a book this year?
reading one

Worst thing to happen this year?
the shitty period that we went thru.

Best thing to happen this year?
i found jac. ok i mean i found her 3 yrs ago. i found love. i found my gf. dang. i am mushy.

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