Welcome to the Element of Clement

Was tagged by Audrey to do this little thingy but oh well, might as well do when I got nothing to do now. Here goes:

Please read the rules 1st: Each player of the game starts off by giving 6 weird things about themsleves. ppl who get tagged needs to write in a blog of their own 6 weird things as well as stating the rules clearly.

In the end, you will need to choose 6 ppl to be tagged and the list of their names.

Fact 1: Give me a bed, no matter the environment, I can sleep
Fact 2: I dig my ears every 1 or 2 days
Fact 3: I have 3 slanted fingers
Fact 4: I like to imagine loads, and then procrastinate
Fact 5: I have a tendency to like things almost instantly
Fact 6: I have a lump in my left ear loop

The following 6 victims. Well at least these are the 6 people whose blog I normally read
Jac, TP, WZ, Joy, Joan.. Ok can't decide on the last one..

Anyway I feel so empty. WHY! Cause I ended work. I mean like officially I'm no longer a cust care consultant at Starhub OADQ. Feels weird to be telling myself, HEY YOU GOT NO WORK TMR. Just weird.

Also I hate it when I am doing some shooting then the batteries die out. FUCKED!

Oh well. =]

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