Welcome to the Element of Clement

You were neither the shortest nor the longest with me, but you were the strongest.
You were the one that was the closest to my heart, the one I really thought were the last puzzle piece that fills me. Someone I am 100% open and comfortable with.

From how we were even before things happened. Everything was sweet and smooth sailing. Unexpected happiness was the greatest happiness. Even simple things like bread could make me so glad to have you.

Our first Valentines together, at AMK. That was nice. How silly I was trying to get a last min bouquet of flowers but failed, seeing how you smiled that I tried. I was in turn presented with the little shy girl, slowly chewing her pizza. What a gift it was, just to have you.

Remember the first time I sent you home, we took 852 and walked to your house.
I asked. How many times do you think I can walk this road with you.
Well, not many I would say, I was the one walking there alone most of the time. Either on your way to your house, or going home after sending you off. Everytime I walk that stretch of road, it just reminds me of you. There were happy times, sad times, fustrating times as well as painful times.

From how I unexpectedly brought you into the neo shop at J8 (which regretfully closed down), and how we caught our first movie at Jurong Point. Remember how I first held your hands? It wasn't easy. Everything was nice and sweet. How you even celebrated my birthday was a luxury. A pity, I haven't done that for you.

How silly we were on our first date as a couple. We roamed around Singapore. From Bishan, to Woodlands, to Seng Kang followed by Bugis. What a day but what a day it was, just having you by my side, traveling and roaming.

Well, the first time I bought you flowers came with an unhappy opening, but definitely packed with a happy ending. How sweet you smiled that day, how happy you were doing silly things, just made me feel so satisfied.

Subsequently, Stitches came by. And I do mean loads. Everytime I look at a Stitch, my heart goes, would she want it? I mean literally, I would want to buy loads of things for you. I wasn't working, sadly.

I clearly remember, how I was often the one accompanying you for job interviews. Some painful (Space V?) while others lost (FUSE! LOL), but every moment was a memorable one, in a good way of course.

How I actually met Jolene for the first time was really impromptu. I was lok kok-ed to the max but oh well, it's just your little sis. She was a really adorable little girl, someone I wound really dote on. Well, things wasn't so well at first, but now she's like my little friend. She's someone that would grow up to be a good person.

Every photo we took together was very significant for me. Every photo tells a story and I do remember everything that we were doing that day.

I've always enjoyed doing things for you. Be it cooking, buying things, or even just making you feel like a Princess. Everything I did for you, I did it without any bit of regret.

This comes to another point.

You mind that I'm love you too much and that you're such a useless girlfriend.
Are you?
If you were, you wouldn't have spent $80 for a gift on me on our very first month.
If you were, you wouldn't have surprise me at my door one very fine sat just cause you upset me the night before.
If you were, you wouldn't have bought things for me without a blink of an eye.
If you were, you wouldn't have been so understanding when I wasn't working.
If you were, you wouldn't have forgiven me for countless misdeeds that I have committed.
If you were, you wouldn't have bothered to plan events with me already.
If you were, you wouldn't have accompanied me through the times I needed you.
If you were, you wouldn't have been so close to my heart.

You were such a wonderful girl. Someone I knew too late to cherish enough. Someone forever tattooed within me. These five months, I'll never forget, it was the best five months of my 20 years.

I've never asked much from you. Let me just ask something from you now.
Would you just let me love you one more time. Just let us be together without anymore doubts.

I'll be there for you.
These five words I swear to you.

Never am I going to ever break that. Even if we part ways.

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