Welcome to the Element of Clement

Well, you must be wondering why am I blogging in the middle of my field camp.
The reason is because I got booked out because of a sore eye.

Was at the Medical Centre for one night yst and only booked out this afternoon. Will be booking back in tmr night. How will this affect my field camp I will not know. Gotta speak to my Platoon Commander tmr.

Just really pains me when I am not sick and fighting fit that I got to skip my field camp because of a sore eye. Asked the Medical Officer if I can just get medication and not get booked out cos I didn't want to skip my field camp. Well, I was denied of that because he was afraid I would spread to others.

A field camp is an experience many remembered during their NS days. Looks like I would be missing out on it. Regrets that I cannot describe in the form of words. Really, I just feel so down.

Why am I put in such a predicament.

Why must it happen in the middle of a field camp.

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