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Good Bye 2005

Good Bye 2005! See ya!
Thats it for you, your time is up! Farewell~!

Its been quite a good year for me I suppose. Various ups and downs and well I could say school work is the most hectic this year as compared to Year1. Year1 was like so easy compared to Year2. So advice to all my Year1 friends, work hard in Year2. =P

Ok lets do a quick summary of the main events that happened this year!

-broke up with my gf! haha sad but oh well, move on~
-stripped until naked for the first time in camp! dang..
-made many good friends!
-broke limit of not sleeping for 2 days!
-so i bought more toys, well.. =/
-prepared a wonderful birthday for a fren of mine =)
- etc etc. lol

So I think thats it for me for 2005. Few more hours before dear 2006 is arriving. Hope its a good year for me ahead. A few resolutions I would like to make:

-clear my debts
-clear my owes
-save more money
-be a more sensible boy to my parents
-be a geek in class

So lets welcome 2006 in a few more hours time! Still doing school work on new yrs eve. woo! lol..

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