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ok.. i ran frm lessons todae.. boring dae.. slow dae.. stupid dae.. my plan became a drawing paper for faris.. he draw like nobodys business then now my plan look like shit.. lol.. so ya i decided to skip lessons.. oh ya.. jazelle.. its running frm lessons.. dun take it so literally.. *peng* lol.. later sweaty sweaty -___-

went to town to accompany shiyun awhile so she had a training thing.. so ask me accompany her there awhile.. pop by town and chatted with her b4 she have to leave for the training.. went shopping on my own then went home.. slept on the bus and kept knocking on the windows.. so paiseh lor.. lol.. but i cant help it.. seriously lack of slp already..

havent seen mom the whole dae.. she is knocking off work at 130.. think i'll be waitin for her.. haha.. im not used to not having her around.. sometimes i like her to nag at me.. haha.. its kinda fun u noe..

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