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repacked my shelf

i just repacked my manga shelf awhile ago.. well.. not exactly neat but at least it looks better to me.. a few months u gotta change ur window display once ok.. like a shopping centre.. cannot alwaes same display also ma.. =D

ok.. this is wad it previously looked like..

messy or not? i think its quite messy and not tidy enough.. so here goes..

top shelf:

da beautiful SICs.. =D (ok with shaman king manga at the back.. lol) totally love this section..

middle shelf:

misc items with bleach figures.. gundams.. ryuki's dragon.. rawkz..

bottom shelf:

Hayate liger (because its the only small zoid i have so its here and not with the rest of my zoids..) with a WCW title.. haha.. won that previously at a tcg card tournament..

Overall view:

before & after

neater? well.. if u noticed.. i still gotta make space for my flame of recca manga.. the entire series is with anna now.. think i gotta put it at the bottom shelf already.. we'll see when it is back in my hands =p

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