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what the fuck is respect? people say respect is gained and not demanded. respect others before u expect others to respect u back. some people say u have to respect ur parents cos they gave u who u r.

well i say fuck that last line. so whats the fucking deal if u r my parents. does being a parent give u the right to insult ur kids? i fucking say hell no. fuck off with that idiotic mind of urs. even if ur jokin i dun even give a damn. say that my collections are rubbish. fuck that and screw urself against the wall. i dun even fucking bother who are u. even if ur some fucking ass hole who has a brain just for show that it rusted for like a well 50yrs. i dun even fucking care. fuck even if u think providing me a roof is gd. fuck off. i rather die then give in to ur insults day after day. expect me to respect u? HAHA! as if i will. fuck off ass hole. ur just some flesh with a dick thats all. big deal? nah cos u have a brain that hasnt even been used.

respect others before u ask me to respect you. tough love then let it be more. alrite u imbecile lump of meat. try www.ebay.com and perhaps u would be able to some find life where u seriously need. fuck offf and go do some shopping. maybe a new brain would suit u. living under the same roof with cunt asses like u is a insult to me already. just fucking shove it for goodness sake. damn u ass hole. DAMN U!

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