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thanks for the chocolates

hey julia~ julia~ xiang yi ge dai chi de hu die~! (ok too much shin songs) anyway hey julia.. thanks for the chocolates! its in my fridge now still considering if i shld open it up to devour it into my stomach.. perhaps might leave it to my sis and see wad shes gonna do abt it.. anyway thanks! -insert korean thank you here- =)

ok.. so todae sch was kinda boring yet kinda fun at the same time.. shall nt comment abt it.. but yeah.. CONVERSE SUX! why can i get the shoe i want.. go westmall go bugis both dun haf my size!! shld i give up? or continue the hunt.. its so nice lor! omtian.. im dreaming abt it.. lol.. spent about $150 todae on CNY clothes.. quite happy with my last min shopping.. peiqi honey came to meet me after my shopping.. accompanied her to get some of her sushi stuff then sent her home after that.. she complain tt i alwaes take cab home when i sends her home.. true.. haha.. but todae i walked to the bus stop and took bus ok.. im a gd darling! =p so yeah.. i took 963 home! wahaha

sch tml! sian! lol! a little less then 2 weeks to submission! sigh sigh! double sigh!

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