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The journey home seemed soooo long today. It was only the sixth day of 2006 and im suayed todae. I freaking took 15mins to walk home. Usual was 5mins. I took 10mins to bathe. Usual was 5mins. omg.. i sprained my ankle! wahahaha.. first time is alwaes the most painful. Being able to walk is a luxury. I miss walking.

Nobody is at home and im left alone to die. Joy wanted to send me back but i tot dun haf to trouble her so walking home alone lor. what an adventure. haha.

anyway, thanks for everyone who helped me todae. be it bandaging (yes im a first aider but i cant bandage myself), carrying my bag, taking my shoes, piggy backing me or even asking if i am fine. I thank everyone. felt really bad since everyone is like doing things for me. Thanks a lot!

jazelle ask me sit in bed and eat porridge. -__- i am not having fever.. wahaha.. yes im telling everyone cos its so dumb it made me laugh so hard. met peiqi at fc5 and she was shocked to see my ankle bandaged. lucky u nv step on it.. if not i sure kill u.. wahaha

looks like im staying put for the next 2 days.

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