Welcome to the Element of Clement

5 more days to submission!

left furniture details
viz matt and lights
physical model!

planning to print panel by sat. hope everything works well cos i have limited usage to viz! so yeah.. nvm.. gd luck clement! ur own the right track (yea right.. lol)

anyway.. brotherhood! after ALL our submissions we go out for drinkin sessions ok.. i'm really so tired of work.. gotta find time to relax ah.. go steam boat also can.. i get to SM prawns.. wahaha.. im really so physically tired.. my eyes are gonna give way and i think i gotta wear specs.. hoho.. shld be handsome.. lol.. wth..

i miss being carefree.. life in DID is always so busy and in a rush.. forever in panic mode.. but clement is alwaes in 1 corner hack abt everything.. how cum he's alwaes out of everyones pace.. haha.. i dun like it that way too.. cos lecturers thinks tt im a slacker but i got my own working pace.. so ya.. wadeva! let them think what they wan.. lol.. ok i might be crapping ah.. its 1am in the morning and i am trying to finish up my furniture details.. tml then add in annotations.. goin art frens also..gettin model materials.. so oh well.. lol..

to look fwd
to dread?

i am confused.
ok still confused!





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