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4 more days. im so damn tired. so fucking shagged. cant get to sleep. whenever i close my eyes my mind would be thinkin of how to do my physical model.. when i open my eyes my body doesnt react and i feel so helpless.. this project is so torturous.. perhaps im the lazy one.. perhaps its just me but damn life shouldnt be like this.. i felt like ive hit rock bottom.. or maybe not.. but seriously its sucking a lot of life out of me.. im seriously smiling just to show it and controlling all my fustrations.. times like this make me feel so comfortable if only there was someone there to support me.. i may not be as strong as i seem.. thats for sure.. my com is so fucked laggy... both internet and the com.. suck like hell.. i really wish to just end things but i cant.. gotta hang int here.. 4 daes.. 4 daes.. i hate it.. argh! fuck that.. im so tired.. guess onli god noes how truely tired i am..

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