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I am pissed at why so MANY ppl in Singapore act like they know everything. Everyone makes mistakes and because of 1 mistake should we condamn the person? I don't think so right. Everyone should be given chances. Why was the last time u did something really wrong and it wasnt on purpose? Did it feel good being forgiven and accepted? It definately would and i think the society misses out on this point.

Abt the NYP incident. Why is everyone blamming Tammy? Well some says its her HP so year her hp so we blame her la? I think its more or less natural human instinct. We always put our attention to beautiful things and yeah in this case Tammy was the more attractive one so we blame her. But logically speaking, shouldn't we be blaming her bf too? Or even better still why not blame the theft. He was commiting an offence in the first place already by stealing the HP. Worst off he even distributed the video. An offence over another offence. Ask yourself truthfully, are you even thinkin when u start saying Tammy is a bitch or a whore.

The couple may love each other so much that they wanna video tape it. Is that wrong? Everyone has reasons to doing what they want and why should we blantly comment on others before even getting our facts right. At least for me, before i know the entire picture i wun comment or hurl insults at others. Do not ever generalise. Everyone is different and we shouldnt just follow with the flow. I've had enough when people compare and generalise with the public. Wake up! If you wanna debate properly pls generalising is a instant failure. A gd fren of mine was hurling insults to Tammy then i was so pissed that i couldnt even be bothered to continue the conversation. She herself hasnt even tot over it properly and still want to debate with me.

According to today's ST, the police have confirmed that they have received a report in connection with the case and are investigating.

The couple are unlikely to face any criminal charges.
As for the uploader, he/she will be in trouble for distributing, showing, importing or possessing any obscene video recording, whether if is made on a conventional camera or a mobile phone.

Well i think this is very good. Its just that as asians some of us have very very traditional thinkin and when i say this, i hope our visions will broaden. Do not always live in the past. Times are moving, technology are moving and so must our brains. Adapt to the future. Lets hope we find out who the theft and uploader is soon. Cheers to the police.

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