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its holidays now and honestly since submission i havent been able to do what i want.. i mean i cant spend time the way i like but my time is alwaes being controlled.. im so so so so so pissed with all this.. next week is attachment and i really havent enjoyed myself! i am really feeling so sick of this shit..

next week attachment and i found out todae the damn sch changed my company last min.. worst it was changed to a property company.. lesser pay.. and at EAST COAST.. 3 shits in 1.. im really so pissed the entire day.. damn no mood to do anything but fuck i have so much to do..

7+ i recieved a call abt doing the backdrop and submitting by tonite. i mean wah lao.. last min stuff sucks i tell u.. my fuckin com was so laggy.. i cant send mail out.. damn hotmail dunno wad happened.. aiya the evening sucks so badly i really cannot take it anymore..

chalet was ok for those who are interested.. it wasnt exactly good but it wasnt exactly bad also.. but i think mainly it was becos my heart was still with my work tts y i wasnt able to enjoy fully.. still.. i think i really gotta enjoy myself this week liao.. I HATE MY HOLIDAES.. to think i was even looking fwd to this 2 month break.. hell.. maybe i've only gotten 1 week.. or even less.. ah well.. shit happens so just eat shit.. lol..

ok lets pray there are NO MORE CHANGES to my work.. its taken up lots of my time and a whole lot of damn travelling.. quite pointless when some things can be done online but it was insisted to be handed up personally.. i mean ok la hand up personally.. but i go until there nobody knew what to do cos the boss also nv jiao dai properly.. aiya nvm dun care la..

back to do my work liao.. fuck photoshop

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