Welcome to the Element of Clement

Vino's Nick:
Peculiar Somethings- Clement Soh is an inflammable species of the human kind.

OK! im not inflammable! lol.. for those who dont get it.. pls refer to www.dictionary.com

anyway.. quite a no of gd news todae..
- dz can go for FO camp.
- chalet for class is coming up soon! excited
- portfolio review is extended to 230 this coming mon.

anyway~ hurt my fingers today during badminton session.. yea my ankle is still swollen and i dunno how to spell die so ya i just continued with badminton.. had a really gd session..
later goin over to yx's place to play.. nth to do at home so tot shld pop by anyway.. haha.. maybe a time for me to relax.. I HOPE!

Having a terrible headache as well as feeling a little feverish.. was feeling hot just now.. hope i dun fall sick.. i hate falling sick.. it just sucks.. looking fwd to itp ba.. oh ya.. the chalet thingy.. think im gonna just die.. cos my class planning bdae thing for me.. 'BDAE' thing.. haha.. it kinda spells a big S-A-B-O..

gd luck to all my frens taking their exams.. work hard and perservere.. dun give up and definately look out for your health! come back in one piece! take care all..

Leslie! *magic wand* ting! lol..

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