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spent the whole morning and afternn in sch having lectures. i was practically slping. everything was super dry and boring.

in the afternn after my lessons i met tammie at bt batok.. she was hoping to get something for her bf while i was lookin for flowers to get for peiqi honey.. in the end westmall's stuff was like so argh but cos it was near both of us tts y we started there.. later we went jurong point.. i found my flower she found her tie.. we were both so glad! =)

evening was great though.. i was late! (yet again) met up with peiqi honey with wanleng and her bf.. i was late and they joked abt me buying them dinner.. oh well.. in the end we settled down at alleybar near centrept.. first time there and the environment was good.. dz came by to join us soon after.. peiqi drank and got abit high.. abit gong gong and definately very slpy.. haha.. cos i think she's drunk la.. tts y she slpt.. but oh well.. i found out something.. lemon and orange skins could be eaten.. hang around until 1030 and sent her home..

could tell she was really glad this evening.. especially the sunflower i got her.. guess its all good then! =) happy belated valentine's day all!

ps: hi bugger who tried to pose as me on my tag. nice try!

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