Welcome to the Element of Clement

10secs ago i nearly 4got my pw..
cos i saved pw last time.. wahaha.. damn i am a lazy pig

noticed so long nv update le.. my babies grew! the march 1 hatch le.. cute little red fox! lol.. ok so just in less then 48 hrs i am goin to my company le.. right? think my maths fail.. but aiya mon im goin for my ITP le.. attached to Real Star Property East Coast.. so think its some property agent.. located at east coast! hai! nvm! life is fair.. shit happens.. lol

a big thanks to everyone for wishing me bdae.. a handful of which i didnt expect to hear greetings from.. =D thanks all! love ya guys! ok wait..

JAZELLE!! DUN SLP!! done! for u ok.. =)

in case the rest are blur.. cos im chatting with jazelle now la.. and she is complaining boring.. so =) wake up call! wahaha.. aiya ok so just now my sis chatted with a lot of my frens.. crab.. chris.. peiqi honey and also 1 more 4got who le.. but ya she was chatting with u all.. lol.. i was busy packing my shelf and disturbin her.. she just wanna play just let her play lor..

spent like $260+++ in the past 2 daes.. amazingly amazing.. tml gonna shop for formal wear for work! argh! ok nvm.. think i dun blog le.. stupid jazelle bug me.. say i bloggin boring stuff.. sigh! haha!

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