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Anti Goldfish Campaign:

I was chatting with Chin Jiaqi (0405126) on MSN Messenger awhile ago and we came up with this Campaign. We are confident that this movement will be strongly supported by our fellow Diploma in Interior Design Year 3 Students 06/07. A tee-shirt to show support of this movement would be mass produced. Anti Goldfish days would be on every Critique days. Do wear these tee-shirts to show support of this movement.

Some of the Slogans that would be printed on these tee-shirts:

  • goldfish are devils - slaughter them
  • goldfish are morons - burn them
  • goldfish are dumb - descale them!
  • goldfish cant swim - drown them
  • do the trend - kill goldfish
  • goldfish should be in their rightful place - the blender
  • goldfish are meant to be kept in the blender
  • goldfish are fuckers. feed them with ur sperms
  • goldfish's eyes juice is best for pimples and late nights
  • get a shark for your goldfish - they are best friends
Details would be revealed at a later date. In the meantime, readers or supporters can provide feedback or suggestions on how to improve this movement. We await your valuable suggestions.

Recruitment of commitee members are also on-going. Do sign up if you are interested.

Positions available:
  • Treasurer
  • Public Relations
  • Member Secretary
  • Graphic Designers
  • Goldfish Chefs (URGENT)
The Current Commitee of Anti Goldfish Campaign (AGC)
0426064 Clement Soh
0405126 Chin Jiaqi

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