Welcome to the Element of Clement

So I've began to realised that the posts on my blog has became of low standards lately. Posts seems to be rubbish and have no meaning whatsoever. Guess I'll just have to improve on it and try to post less nonsense.

Thurs there will be a pin up for all T2 stuff. Just got to chiong my stuff in these 2 days. Skipped sch today to actually finish up some stuff and I'm glad I did a little. Really tired and might just go get a rest later. Last evening, after catching Pirates, I actually noticed that my eyes were really red. There were veins appearing and also 1 was rather thick. About 2mm in width? God bless me!

I keep telling myself school term is ending.
I keep telling myself the year is ending.
Nothing is actually helping. Really disappointed in people saying things like "WAH LAO, you so slack." "You actually worry about work meh?". Well, guess thats life. Not everyone knows who you are even though some may claim to be good frens or buddies.

Room's in a mess. Holidays are coming in Sept. Got to clear stuff up.
Oh Sept is going to be a bad month for me too.

Guess thats all for now. Till then.

My entry for the "Life @ SP Library" competition.

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