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420 in the morning and I feel like stopping work already. Still very slow compared to many others in the course. Still left with T2A's sections, elevations, renders and the entire T2B. Clement Clement~. Oh well. The good thing? YES! ITS 10 more days to freedom! LOL. But at the same time it translates to 10 more days to submission. DOUBLE EDGE indeed. Hohoho. Sleeping less does affect brain development. Its proven in the last 5mins of your reading time. Perhaps even lesser if your a quick reader. I'm officially sick of matchbox 20. Oh no, they changed name to Matchbox Twenty a few years back. But seriously, does it make any difference?

Anyway, sometimes I really feel that blogsurfing is really unhealthy. Fair enough, blogs allow one to find out how a fren is getting along, especially those long lost frens, however, sometimes it just spoils one's mood. I'm sure many have experienced it before. Especially more so for me. You just might find out some dark and disgusting secrets about your peers. For me, what I normally would do, would be to simply ignore it. Acting gong as though I don't know a single thing. I guess, its a personality problem.

Was on the phone with a fren awhile ago, chatted for quite some time and suddenly we came to a topic of frens. She commented that I have a wide circle of frens. Yeap, true, I agreed with that point. But then I told her, whats the use of having a wide circle of frens? How many true frens will you get. I would rather have little frens and at least have frens that are really true to the heart. Many people often take things for granted. I cherish frens but if my frens dun cherish me, why shld I bother about you? Sadly, my pri sch and sec sch days, I didn't exactly have a best good pal or whatever anyone calls it. Poly wise, I made a few gd frens and really I guess they would be the 1 I would still contact in years to come. All I can say, these poly gd frens, are perhaps the most unlikely people I would still contact with.

Frens come and go. How many have you let down? How many have you given a chance if they offended you? How many have you forgiven? I guess to some, frens are nothin but just, eh frens?

Life in poly is ending. I guess this is another story for another day.

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