Welcome to the Element of Clement

So yeap I guess the holidays are here. Its tough for me to say this but I'm just gonna say it. I'm bored. YES! I am bored. I'm not allowed to complain being bored, not anyone in my course is allowed to anyway. We are often packed 24/7. Being bored and stoning is actually a luxury to us. We can finally catch a breather out of our sucky life. Like Diyanah's nick: I got a diploma for digging a PERFECT GRAVE for me to die in. So very true.

Well some stuff I gotta do over the holidays. Gotta pack my room and arrange my stuff. Maybe get out and work but most importantly, rot my miserable life away!! haha! Life's great when there is nothing to do. I need new shelves, yes I've been saying that for the past few months, ok maybe past year. Seriously my room is overloaded.

Was at CSC today and it was a fruitful return. Got myself a loose complete SOTA Ryu at $15 as well as a MS Stand for my Strike Freedom. Its now hovering abv my table in all its glory.

I'm addicted to collectin money now. Went to the bank depost cash machine 3 times today! (of cos I did deposit cash) =D

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