Welcome to the Element of Clement

Why am I so tired these days. Feeling so lethargic, not giving a damn what happens around me. Just want to sleep my day through. Seriously I hate this feeling especially when I have so many things to do. If you guys noticed, I haven't been bloggin much. I hate being so tired! I've been sleeping for 2 days plus but nothing has improved.

I neglected my gallery as well as my blog. My deviant is also stale. Haven't been posting much news for the forums. My room is still in a state of junk with my stuff lying all around. I see paper bags, platic bags all lying on the ground. My cardboards and cutting mat is still on my table with all my other new toys. My backdrop for photography has been on my table for ages but I didn't take any photos. My cabinet's manga is in a mess. My life is in a mess!

1 - Plastic/Paper Bags lying around the floor
2 - Cabinet with my mangas all in a mess.
3 - Super procastinated Gundam model that haven't been completed in months
4 - T1 Model with so much MISC junks on my desk
5 - Cutting mat with all my toys, some new some old, all homeless
6 - Photography backdrop havent been used for so long, not kept
7 - Old plans and cad drawings all chucked behind
8 - Transformers Comics, another homeless
9 - High time to arrange this shelf

Sigh. Life shld be gd after submission. But I just can't get myself to enjoy. I'm so so so so so tired. Can I just sleep for another month? Life's just so stale. Dota seems boring. Internet seems boring. Anime seems boring. MSN seems boring. I'm just so lazy to do so many things. Sometimes I can't even be bothered to chat or check my hp, even meals sucks at times. This is really an awful feel. Damn it.

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