Welcome to the Element of Clement

Gotten Vega and Blanka today. Reducing my SOTA want list to 6 figures. Getting 5 this coming week I hope. Reserved already so just gotta find time to collect. And there I will be left with just Chun Li. Maybe I might get a cheap Ken to repaint into Violent Ken. Anyway!

I'm starting to hate Ayumi.

Cos she got so many songs. Like 838 songs?

I have them all in 'Artist-less, Album-less' format. Gotta edit them 1 by 1. ARGH! 838 songs! Some of you guys would know how I gay gao my songs. Ya! SAD LA. My songs need to be nice and tidy ok.

Edited a bunch only. Well I guess this is gonna take some time. Maybe shall do it in studio time when I am free. Concentrate on compiling my portfolio the next few days.

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